Food of the Month: February

Being that February is known here in Mexico as el mes del amor (the month of love), I've chosen an ingredient that is synonymous with love and Valentine's Day...Chocolate! 

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Sinfully delicious chocolate, in all it's glorious forms.  Dark Chocolate.  Milk Chocolate.  Bittersweet.  Semi-sweet.  Chocolate Chips.  White Chocolate.  And my personal favorite, Mexican Chocolate.

The possibilities are endless.

How to particpate:

  1. Cook up something delicious using the Food of the Month as one of the main ingredients.  
  2. Post the recipe(s) on your blog, making sure to link to this page in your blog post(s).  You can also add the Food of the Month Club badge to your post and/or sidebar.  (Current recipes only.)
  3. Since February is a shorter month, please email your entries to me at no later than February 26th.  Be sure to  include:
*Your name 
*Your blog name 
*Permalink to your blog post 
*Photo of your recipe or permission to pull one from your post

       4.  Visit La Cocina de Leslie on February 29th for the recipe round-up.