Cilantro Rice Pilaf

When cooking for my family day in and day out, sometimes the food I look forward to most are the side dishes. Who doesn't love a good side dish?! There are some side dishes that I could easily eat as my main meal, no main dish necessary. Some of my favorite side dishes include Mexican Rice, mashed potatoes, Frijoles Adobados, any kind of macaroni & cheese, Chopped Salad, and Cilantro Rice Pilaf.

This Cilantro Rice Pilaf is my go-to side dish when I want something a little fancier to serve with dinner. It just looks so pretty and elegant when served next to Chicken Pipián Rojo or Pollo a la Cacerola (Mexican Chicken Cacciatore). But the only thing really fancy about this recipe is the name. Made with just long-grain rice, fideo (or vermicelli), cilantro, and pecans, rice dishes don't get much easier than this.

Cilantro Rice Pilaf -