Food of the Month Club: Tomato Round-Up

If you love tomatoes, then you're in the right place!  Today, I'm rounding up the recipes from the first ever Food of the Month Club.  

If you're anything like my friend (and birthday girl), Ericka from Nibbles & Feast, who wasn't really a fan of tomatoes, this gorgeous Heirloom Tomato Salad with Pasta, Watercress, Pine Nuts and Basil Oil is sure to change your mind.     

Sarah from Kitchen Procrastination cooked up a delicious plate of Smothered Chicken with Bacon and Burst Cherry Tomatoes.

Rory from Mamá Contemporanea, introduced us to a special Venezuelan treat called Bollitos Pelones.  

Girlichef brought us two truly tantalizing tomato recipes, starting with Slow-Roasted Golden Yellow Cherry Tomatoes with Garlic & Marjoram.

And this Smoky Tomato Rissotothat just looks SO comforting.  Perfect for this cold winter weather.  (Or anytime of the year.)

Jennifer, a fellow expat living in El Salvador, inspired by the shrimp cocktail she used to enjoy at her favorite Mexican restaurant in Georgia, created these Shrimp Tostadason her blog, Life in the Armpit.

Nicole from Presley's Pantry is a girl after my own heart with  her easy to make Homemade Pizza topped with slices of tomato.

Vianney from Sweet Life, shares her recipe for Salsa Cruda, made with refreshing pieces of jicama.  I think I might have to make this for my Super Bowl party this weekend.

And last but not least, my contribution to the Food of the Month Club.  Taking advantage of the beautiful and tasty cherry tomatoes that were available here in Mexico in early January, I made this Cherry Tomato & Panela Cheese Salad with Chile de Arbol Infused Olive Oil.

Before sitting down to watch Eat Pray Love, I cooked up a plate of Spaghetti al Pomodoro.

And I had to include this recipe for Tomato Cobbler, which was one of the first recipes I thought of when I was dreaming up with the idea for Food of the Month Club.

Thank you to all of my wonderful foodie friends for joining me for the first edition of The Food of the Month Club.  I really enjoyed cooking with all of you and can't wait to see what deliciousness you're going to come up with next month.

If you would like to be included in the next Food of the Month Club Round-Up, be sure to tune in tomorrow to discover February's Food of the Month.



  1. I suck! Next month, I'm there! Well, as long as it doesn't involve beans! LOL!

    1. You do not suck!!! I'm sure you'll join in the fun next month! I'm sure you'll love February's food of the month. :)

    2. Are you going to post what the food of the month is tomorrow? I hope so! Can't wait to find out so I can start planning so I don't get left out this time around!

  2. Which way to the buffet? I want to fill my plate! many great dishes. Can't wait to see next month's food :D

  3. Holy cow, all of those look so good. I don't even know where to begin. A salad with jicama, what a great idea. Good thing I have a case of tomatoes in the store so I can get started trying these out. Great fun Leslie, thank you!

  4. This was so fun. Thanks for hosting. I can't wait to see what the next fotmc will be!

  5. Thank you for having me on board.... I am going to add the widget. :) Looking forward to Feb. xoxox Amiga.

  6. Lots of great recipes... I so much love the bollitos pelones! Have a great Wednesday ;)

  7. OMG drooling here!! A great round up Leslie! Looking forward to Feb!

  8. I love it! what a diversity of color, textures and flavors in only one post :) great job!

  9. Awesome idea!!!!! I will eating :) Food of The Month Tasters Club??

  10. This round up is ridiculous! The risotto! The sun dried tomatoes! Yum to todo!

  11. Leslie, this is awesome. We'll join this month. Can't wait to know the secret ingredient.