Piloncillo Cream Pie

Add this delicious piloncillo pudding filled pie topped with whipped cream and Mexican cajeta to your holiday dessert table.

Thanksgiving week is finally here! Bring on the food! Freshly baked bread rolls, roast turkey (or chicken), creamy mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and stuffing galore. And let's not forget the pies.Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without a couple slices of pie before happily slipping into a food coma. One pie we'll be serving this year is this Piloncillo Cream Pie. I've been making Piloncillo Pudding for years, at first as an alternative to butterscotch pudding as brown sugar wasn't readily available, but because pudding pies are my favorite kind of pie Piloncillo Cream Pie quickly became a family favorite.

Espagueti Verde #ThrowbackThursday

Espagueti Verde - lacocinadeleslie.com

If I left our weekly or monthly menu planning up to Jack (my 10 year old son) we'd eat nothing but Refried Beans, spaghetti, french fries, and hot dogs. Maybe even all in the same day. Because Jack is such a picky eater I try to serve different versions of his favorite foods, like this Espagueti Verde, made with roasted poblano peppers, cilantro, and Mexican crema. So far my plan seems to be working, and thank goodness, because there was that unpleasant phase where he only wanted to eat spaghetti with ketchup.

Calabacitas con Crema (Mexican Zucchini in Spicy Cream Sauce)

If you like rajas con crema (roasted poblano strips w/ cream), you'll love these Mexican calabacitas and golden corn kernels bathed in a spicy cream sauce.

Calabacitas con Crema - lacocinadeleslie.com

I have side dishes on the brain. I'm pretty sure it's due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, because for us the holiday meal isn't about the turkey at all. (Turkeys are hard to come by in my small town, unless I want a live one.) No, for us our Thanksgiving menu is all about the scrumptious sides! (And pies!) I'm still not sure what sides I'll be serving with our roasted chicken, but in thinking of my all-time favorite side dishes these Calabacitas con Crema came to mind and I haven't been able to stop thinking about them. Like Rajas con Crema the Mexican calabacitas and golden corn kernels are simmered in a creamy sauce made with butter, onion, serrano chiles (for spice), garlic, Mexican crema, and a little cream cheese. Calabacitas con Crema is traditionally served as a side dish, but it also makes for a delicious vegetarian taco filling.

Comfort Food Classics: Caldillo de Papa (Mexican Potato Soup w/ Queso Fresco)

Caldillo de Papa is a delicious traditional Mexican soup made with potatoes and queso fresco in a light tomato broth.

Caldillo de Papa y Queso Fresco - lacocinadeleslie.com

A popular soup in Mexican kitchens Caldillo de Papa is comfort food in it's simplest form, and it's been one of my favorite soups since childhood. My grandpa used to make this soup on rainy days when he wanted something comforting to warm him up, while my grandmother usually made this soup at the end of the month when money was tight and the cupboards were getting bare. Whether you're looking for something simple and delicious, or something budget-friendly this soup is for you. Made with bite-size pieces of potato and queso fresco in a light tomato broth seasoned with bacon, onion, garlic, serrano chile, and fresh cilantro this classic Mexican soup is sure to become a family favorite.

Secret Recipe Club: Pimento Cheese Pasta Salad

All the creamy and cheesy goodness of pimento cheese in a delicious pasta salad.

Pasta Salad with Homemade Pimento Cheese - lacocinadeleslie.com

Happy November, friends! I can't believe it's already November. And it's the first Monday of the month which means it's time once again for The Secret Recipe Club. This month my assignment was Lori's Culniary Creations. Lori is a fun, spirited Harley Davidson-riding wife and stepmom with an amazing outlook on life:

"Today is life - the only life you are sure of. Make the most of today. Get interested in something. Shake yourself awake. Develop a hobby. Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through you. Live today with gusto." 

Lori's brings her enthusiasm and sense of adventure to her blog which is filled with quick and easy on-the-go meals perfect for busy wives and moms looking to be a little more adventurous in the kitchen. I have a long list of Lori's recipes that I've added to my "to make" list including her Peachy Cream Crepes, Zucchini Stuffed Burgers, Avocado Kiwi Ice Cream w/ Caramel Swirl, Tomato Florentine Soup with Peanut Butter Crostini, and her Tropical Pumpkin Pie.