A Good Old-Fashioned Elotiza

It's corn season in Mexico!

Planting began somewhere around the end of June/beginning of July to coincide with the rain season. 

Planting Corn

This year's rain season was a little on the dry side, and sadly many a cosecha (harvest) was lost.  Those that weren't lost, took quite a beating from the wind and hail.

Fallen corn stalks

Luckily for us, not all was lost.  We were able to enjoy a good old-fashioned Elotiza at El Rancho with family and friends. 

Big Pot on Grill

Corn-on-the-cob sure does taste good when cooked over an open, wood-burning fire.  But the real secret to sweet corn-on-the-cob is to leave some of the husks on the corn when cooking them.

Olla de Elotes/Big Pot of Corn

These smaller, not as well formed elotes are called moloncos.


Some people like to eat their corn-on-the-cob with a little butter and salt.  Others, prefer lime juice, salt and hot sauce.  But these freshly picked elotes were so sweet and delicious, all we added were a few slices of homemade panela (a soft Mexican cheese).

Elotes con queso panela

How do you like your corn on the cob?  And what's in season where you live?



  1. i LOVE elotes with the mayo cheese powder  n chile!!YUM!

  2. Yum! Your corn is pretty. My favorite, Leslie, is when they're grilled on the bbq and smothered with lime and chili powder. There's a vendor that cooked them that way at the Orange County Fair every year.  : D

  3. Yum! To me, corn on the cob is the ultimate sign of summer. I've been madly in love with it since I was just a wee thing.  My favorite way to make it is on our fire pit.  We get it going good and let it start to subside, then slide the whole corn on the cobs, husk and all, in between the wood wherever it will fit.  When it's done, it tastes sweet and perfect and the husk peels back to form a handle.  I looooove it slathered in crema, sprinkled with crumbled queso fresco or cotija, chile piquin, and squeezed with lime juice. oooooohhhhhh my gawsh, I want some RIGHT NOW!!!

  4. Your El Rancho looks so heavenly!  I am envious that you have a place like that to escape to.  All that green around you and room to run free! 

    Glad your corn was a fighter.  My experience is all the corn around here, no matter how it is cooked, is hard as a rock and not sweet at all.  My mom told me not too long ago that a trick to getting it to taste a bit sweeter is add milk to the water when you boil it.  I haven't tried because I not only want it sweet, I want it softer too!  My mom froze some ears of sweet corn for me when I come into town!  I am looking forward to some good ol' Indiana sweet corn.

  5. I love corn on the cob early and sweet. Just plain. Those look lovely Lesllie!