Menu Plan Monday #2

We had a ton of food leftover from our annual Semana Santa (Holy Week) camping trip, so this week was all about using up that food before doing our regular grocery shopping. We had so much food leftover, we didn't have to do any shopping, with the exception of milk, until Friday. Here is what we ate this week...

Birria (Roasted lamb in a tomato salsa.)

We had birria on our last day of the camping trip (Saturday) and had tons leftover, so that's what we had for lunch on Sunday when we all gathered at my suegro's (father-in-law's) house. 


Potato Enchiladas -

What do you do when you have a ton of leftover tortillas, cheese, and potatoes? Make Potato Enchiladas, of course!  

Chilaquiles Rojo w/ Refried Beans

Chilaquiles Rojos -

If after making potato enchiladas you STILL have leftover tortillas, cheese, and salsa... Make chilaquiles!  

We took a break from the leftovers and enjoyed a carne asada (cook-out) at la presa (reservoir) with my sister-in-law. 

Poblano Chicken Pizza Supreme

Supreme Poblano Chicken Pizza -

On Thursday it was back to using up the 2-1/2 kilos (a little over 5 pounds) of cheese we brought back from el rancho. Pizza's a great way to use up cheese. (I will post the recipe for this pizza soon!)

Pollo a la Cacerola (Mexican Chicken Cacciatore)

Pollo a la Cacerola (Mexican Chicken Cacciatore) -

Okay, by this time we had all had enough with the leftovers. My suegro wanted chicken, so I made one of our family favorites. Let me know in the comments below if you'd like me to post this recipe.  

Chinese take-out 

Because I rarely cook on Saturdays. (Unless we had take-out during the week.) 

What's on the menu this week in your cocina?

Versión en español

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  1. Yes, please post the recipe for the chicken! :-)

  2. Yes Leslie the chicken dish looks amazing can you please post the recipe!! :)