Food of the Month Club: April

April is a very special month here at La Cocina de Leslie.  This humble little blog will be 3 years old on the 18th.  So to celebrate this joyous occasion, this month's ingredient for The Food of the Month Club is one  I hold near and dear to my heart.  And it also happens to be my last name...Limón!

Now you're probably wondering why there's a picture of limes, if limón is the Spanish word for lemon. Where I live in Mexico, limones are actually limes. Bright green limes and/or key limes. Instead of describing a color as lemon yellow, we say it's verde limón (lemon green). I've only seen yellow lemons twice in the 11 years that I've lived in Mexico. (But I live in a small town, so I'm rather sheltered.) On a side note: the Spanish word for limes is lima.  The limas around these parts aren't the limes you see pictured above.  They are a different citrus fruit all together that aren't the least bit tart or sour. (As soon as I find out the English name for our limas, I will let you know.  Or if you know the name, let me know in the comments.)

Spanish lesson aside, and just to be clear...
The Food of the Month for April is LIMES! 
I use limes for almost everything.  Agua de Limón is one of my favorite Aguas Frescas.  My whole family likes to squeeze lime juice on everything from chopped fruit to tacos, and even soups.  And let's not forget about all of the sweet and tart lime desserts out there.  (Hello, Key Lime Pie!)

I hope you'll join me this month for The Food of the Month Club.  

What are some of your favorite lime recipes?

How to participate:
  1. Cook up something delicious using Limes as one of the main ingredients.  
  2. Post the recipe(s) on your blog, making sure to link to this page in your blog post(s).  You can also add the Food of the Month Club badge to your post and/or sidebar.  (Current recipes only.)
  3. Email your entries to me at by April 29th.  Be sure to  include:
*Your name 
*Your blog name 
*Permalink to your blog post 
*Photo of your recipe or permission to pull one from your post

       4.  Visit La Cocina de Leslie on April 30th for the Lime recipe round-up.  



  1. Happy Birthday to a most enjoyable blog, I think 3 years old is considered a pioneer in the foodie blog world and being dedicated as you are helped set the standards. Congratulations Leslie and I am so looking forward to another 3 years...

  2. Take heart, Leslie, in recent years yellow lemons, called "Eureka" here, have appeared in a major grocery store here in San Miguel and Costco in both Celaya and Querétaro often have bags of them. I love limes, but sometimes I just need lemons. If you find out the Latin name or even some common name for "limas" let me know--I've been searching with no luck.

  3. Happy 3rd! ¡Ajúa!

    Love that photo Leslie! Its beautiful! Now I'm craving anything with limes! Mmm!

    I have a lemon-lime pie recipe I might just have to make for Easter. Its sooooo good!

  4. This sounds exciting. Last month got too crazy and I didn't ever get around to the FOTMC, but those beautiful limes have me anxious for some summer flavors.

  5. Happy 3rd Blog Bday! Regarding limes... one of those foods I seldom use, but have small bottle of lime juice I splash in for fajitas. Guess I didn't grow up seeing cooks around me use them, so never learned.

  6. I believe the limas that you are talking about are known as "sweet limes" in California.

  7. Leslie, happy birthday!!! Three years blogging... that is awesome!!! We love this blog, is always full of ideas and mouthwatering recipes. Keep up the good work, my friend. Congratulations.

  8. I believe you're talking about lima dulce, sweet lime (Citrus limetta).

  9. did you know with the lime leaves you can make a bomb caldo of anything. You can also marinate meats with the leaves without the citrus juice of the limes cooking the meat up before grilling it like for carne asada just grind it up in a mocajete. Just giving suggestions since I'm Vietnamese by heart ;)