Food 'n Flix: Simply Irresistible

How would you like to join me for dinner and a movie?  Or maybe a midnight snack?  Well this month is your chance to do just that, because it's my turn to host Food 'n Flix.  

Every month, the host of Food 'n Flix chooses a food related movie to watch.  Everyone interested, watches the movie, then heads into the kitchen to cook up something delicious, inspired by the movie.  

For this month's movie, I have chosen Simply Irresistible, a quirky romantic comedy starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sean Patrick Flannery.  It's kind of like a modern day Like Water for Chocolate, in that everything Amanda (Gellar) feels, channels through the food she prepares and to whoever eats it.  

How to Participate:
1. Watch the chosen film, Simply Irresistible.  Taking inspiration from the film, head into the kitchen and cook or bake or make something.

2. Post about it on your blog with a link back to THIS post and a link to Food 'n Flix.  Use of the logo is optional.

3. You must post must be current (during month of film). And of course we don't mind if your post is linked to other events...the more the merrier.

4. Have fun with it!

5. Email your entries to me at: and be sure to include: 

                     ~Your name
                     ~Your blog's name and URL
                     ~The name of your dish and the permalink to the specific post you're submitting
                     ~Attach a photo of any size (or just give me permission to "pull" one from your post)
                     ~Indicate "Food 'n Flix Submission" in the subject line

    Deadline for submission is: November 30th (2011) 
*watch for the roundup to be posted shortly after this deadline!



  1. I love this movie, Leslie.  I hadn't seen it until you'd mentioned it, so I ordered it a couple of months back...loved it!  I look forward to watching it again and then getting in the kitchen- great pick! Thanks so much for hosting this month :)

  2. love dinner and movie night, however, I am usually asleep right after dinner so someone will have to fill me in on the movie...... actually, I have not seen this one and movies are a luxury around here, not much 'down time' to just sit back and do such, such a treat just to catch up with friends..

  3. This is an awesome movie! I remember seeing it when I was home sick-as-a-dog with the flu. What a fun idea ... let's see if I can get my act together in time to meet your deadline. Un abrazo!