Blue Corn

I wasn't planning on posting today (Sunday = family time), but my brother-in-law Gerry brought us a delicious and colorful treat this weekend that I just had to share...Blue Corn!

I've seen yellow corn, maiz blanco/white corn (which is actually a pale yellow) and maiz negro/black corn (which is purple), but I had never seen Elotes Azules before.  Isn't it gorgeous?  The color is like dark denim.  And the taste is oh-so-sweet!  They were so sweet and delicious, I ate them plain.

I wonder if these are the elotes used to make blue tortillas???   

Have you ever seen (or tasted) blue corn?


  1. Very pretty!  I've had blue corn tortilla chips but not blue corn.  If I ever come across any, I'll try it!

  2. Oh, it is beautiful!  I've only ever had blue cornmeal, but never blue corn =( .  I will dream...

  3. I've never tasted fresh blue corn, but it looks and sounds wonderful!

  4. I have never tasted nor even saw such.... amazing