Name That Beverage

Welcome friends to another addition of everyone's favorite game...NAME. THAT. BEVERAGE!  (Applause)

The game where I show you a picture of a tasty drink and you have to guess what it is.

So, without further ado...Can you NAME THIS BEVERAGE?

Be sure to come back mañana to find out what it is.



  1. I don't know but I want the recipe...I'd be tempted to say Michelada but that's too obvious for you.  The picture enticed me to come to the page in hopes of a recipe Leslie!

  2. My guess was tapache as well but I've never had it with lime and what look like salt....

  3. I dunno either... and what is that in there, ground chile?

  4. I was gonna say some kind of tea, I know my mother in law drinks tea sometimes and puts salt and lime in it but she also puts honey though. So basically I got no clue! ;)

  5. It's not red enough to be a Michelada.....but it looks delish!