Agua de Sandía (Watermelon Agua Fresca)

Nothing says summer to me like a big slice of watermelon. It's the quintessential summer snack. It's sweet, refreshing and absolutely delicious. Hubby and the kiddies love to eat it with salt, lime juice, and chile Tajin (a ground chile powder). I prefer mine plain, but sometimes I'll add a little salt to mine just to mix it up a bit. But sometimes the watermelons are so big that we can't finish it all in one serving, so I chop it up into large pieces and save in the fridge to use another day. One of my favorite ways to use up the leftover watermelon is in Agua de Sandía (watermelon agua fresca). There really is nothing sweeter and more refreshing on a hot summer day than a tall glass of Agua de Sandía.

Watermelon Agua Fresca -

Agua de Sandía (Watermelon Agua Fresca)

  • 4 cups watermelon, cut in large chunks
  • 6 to 8 cups water
  • Granulated sugar

Puree the watermelon with 2 to 3 cups of water in a blender until smooth; strain the pureed mixture into a large pitcher. Add enough water to fill the pitcher.  Sweeten with granulated sugar, as desired. Serve over ice or refrigerate until ready to serve. Enjoy! 

Receta en español 

Agua de Sandía recipe -



  1. I made a quick version last week to help with the heat and boy did it help ... hot sauce on watermelon?

  2. At my house, we do Tajin, lime, and chamoy on watermelon. It's delicious!

  3. great idea! we are going through at least 1 melon per week and it is getting boring. This is a good alternative.

  4. This looks very refreshing, I have half of a watermelon in the fridge, let me go do some "agua de sandia".

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Hola from Dominican Republic,


  5. Ah yes, my hubby likes to make this every summer. Delicious, especially if you add a little squeeze of limon. I have to add that to all my refreshing drinks. I'm glad to have found your blog today. Since my husband was born and raised in Acapulco, Mexico, a large part of our meals are homemade Mexican. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. =) SO, I just tried this, and was super pleased how it turned out! Thanks for the inspiration! and easy to follow directions w/ pics

  7. This sounds really good, too!

  8.  Mmm...I've always wondered how this was made.  I can't wait to try it!  I'm posting a link on my FB Fan page!


  9. I really enjoy your blog!! I was mentioning to my co-worker that one of things I miss most about Mexico are delicious aguas frescas!! Yum.

  10. yum! this was delicious! and now I have the technique to make all kinds of aguas frescas. thanks!