Encurtidos {Pickled Pigskins}

Encurtidos is the word used when referring to pickled vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, onion, nopales (cactus), jicama, peanuts, and pickled pigskins and pigs feet. 

In Mexico, we call them Cueritos (pigskins) en vinagre, Papas (potatoes) en vinagre, Zanahorias (carrots) en vinagre, Patas (Pigs feet) en vinagre, and so on and so on.

En Vinagre, refers to the vinegar or pickling juice used to cure the veggies or pigskins.  The vinagre is made from pineapple and dulce macho (aka piloncillo), and seasoned with whole cloves, peppercorns, chile de arbol and just a hint of oregano.

The most popular of the Encurtidos are the Cueritos (pigskins).   There are two types of Cueritos en Vinagre available: Cuerito Grueso and Cuerito Delgado.

The Cuerito Grueso, is the thick pigskin that is obtained from the ears, face and feet.  (The top piece in the photo below is actually a piece of snout!)  My hubby loves Cuerito Grueso.

And the Cuerito Delgado, is the thin pigskin from the body.  My children prefer Cuerito Delgado.

Unlike Andrew Zimmern, I am not a big fan of exotic cuts of meat.  (Unless its deep fried.  I love chicharrones!)  My favorite Encurtido is Zanahorias (carrots) en Vinagre.

Serving Encurtidos is easy.  Season them with salt and top with fresh squeezed lime juice.  If the Vinagre isn't spicy enough for you, feel free to add a few drops of bottled hot sauce.  (Valentina or Tapatia brand hot sauce is best.)  Enjoy!!!

With Love,
Leslie Limon


  1. Thanks for the post. Since I lean toward eating vegetarian—I have no words...

  2. Pete, Thank you! I don't know if there are encurtidos in Merida. If there are, you could always try the carrots, potatoes and other veggies.

    Oh, I have a great vegetarian recipe that should be up in the next couple of days! :D

  3. Cool. Lynn has adapted several of your recipes to our diet. And, we love your mexican rice recipe—it is a staple around here.

  4. I make an encurtido of carrots, cauliflower,onions, and jalapenos. Seroiusly yummy. We call it a conserva, at least what a yucateco friend told me it's called.

    I'm with Pete on the pig skin, gracias, pero no gracias.

    Botana Bars here have a terrific array of encurtidos, including various unidentifiable piggie parts!


  5. Mmm, I lean toward vegie too and look forward to the veg recipe you have coming!
    Made your rice with roasted poblano, it was great, added a little bit of chorizo for flavor to a later batch, yum too.
    Sure like this blog!

  6. Leslie - So THAT's what those vinegar carrot things are all over the place! :)

    AND !! I have a question. Do you take requests? I've been looking for a good recipie for Menudo (mmmm stomach) but if you search for "authentic mexican food" on google you get things like nachos - :P . Do you cook it? Care to share some day???? :) I know your food is delish AND what the real people eat so I'm crossing my fingers. :) Thank You :)

  7. PETE: I am glad that you and Lynn are enjoying the recipes.

    TOM AND DEBI: Your encurtido sounds like an "escabeche", which is another delicious encurtido!

    I don't like the piggie parts, atleast not "en vinagre".

    MEXICAN TRAILRUNNER: I'm so glad that you are enjoying the recipe blog. I will try to get more Vegetarian recipes on here.

    GRINGA: I do take requests. I'm not sure if I will be making Menudo anytime soon. I have made it, but prefer to buy it, because the stench from cooking the stomach is just too overwhelming. But, I will try to get you the recipe. Who knows, I might even be inspired to make it again! :D

  8. Anyone who hasn't at least tried cueritos properly prepared or patas de puerco en escabeche really doesn't know what they are missing. Go ahead...don't be squeamish...try it...Oink!

  9. BOB: Thank you for stopping by! Oh, I know I should be brave and just taste the cueritos. I haven't worked up the nerve YET. I'm actually getting braver. I tried Tacos de Cachete a few months ago, and now thats the only kind of taco I will eat! :D

  10. Oh lordy it SMELLS when you cook it? Gag. I don't eat it but I'm always trying to impress my husband - BUUUUUT I can make mole now so maybe we'll just hold off on the smelly stomach. :P

  11. Dear Leslie I been following u blog 4 a long time making some of ur yummies with excellent results i even shared ur blog with oldest hija and she uses ur recipes a lot i realy apreciate all ur recipes and i have a request i live in kansas can never find a good vinegar or recipes 4 encurtidos & i love them will u sometime put a recipe to make them and also the recipe 4 pineapple vinegar? I realy apreciated God Bless
    Maria from Kansas

  12. MARIA: I'm glad you and your daughter are enjoying the recipes. :) As for the pineapple vinegar, I do plan on posting it, probably in March or April. You can make the vinegar anytime of year, but in the colder months, the pineapple takes longer to ferment.

  13. Thanks Les... that will be great i made agua de avena for my bible study tonigth DELICIOUS.....
    God Bless u and ur Family ur a Real beatifull lady

  14. When we were in Mexico Oct-Mar my 3 year old devoured cuerito delgado! I have to say I'm a fan myself. Definitely not a fan of the pata though! We like them in duros preparados....mmmmmm yum!