Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Blog Makeover

Oops!  I forgot to publish this post earlier this week!  So sorry!

For some time now, I have been working on a new look for La Cocina de Leslie.  There was nothing wrong with the "old" look, I just figured that it was time for a change. 

After searching and searching for a new background, I finally found one that I fell head over heels in love with.  It's the lemon background that you've seen here for the last month or so.  I LOVE lemons and limes and I think they fit in perfectly with my blog, especially since my last name is Limón, which is the Spanish word for lemon.

With the new background, I tried a number of different headers (the top part of the blog), but none of them felt right. Something was missing.  After talking with my good friend Chantilly, of Bicultural Mom and Multicultural Familia (where I am a contributor), she offered to design my new header. 

My new header!
 The design Chantilly came up with is just perfect!  I love the font.  I love that she included lemons and limes to match my background, along with photos of some of my favorite dishes, which I can change to reflect the season or my mood.  But my favorite detail has to be the chiles de arbol.  Yahualica, the small town where I live, is famous for having the best chiles de arbol in the world.

Chantilly also designed a new button to reflect the new look, that you can add to your blog.  You can grab the HTML code in the sidebar.

Thank you, Chantilly!  I love my new look!



  1. Oh very pretty!!! It looks so elegant:-)

  2. I love it. The header is really nice!

  3. Looks great Leslie. I love the Julia Child quote. I actually just read that quote today on a page I printed out about her. Have fun in the kitchen.

  4. You know, when I was making your Picadillo yesterday I had the laptop in the kitchen just looking at the screen to make it rather than printing out the recipe.  I kept thinking that something looked different but thought I was just making it up in my head.

    YOU CHANGED THE HEADER!  Wow!  And I thought I was pretty observant.  I do like it.  I liked the old one too, which, by the way, what was the picture of in the old one?  It looked like some kind of custard or something.  It looked good!  Could you please tell me?

  5. It looks beautiful!  Thanks so much for the kind words amiga!  I'm so glad you're happy with it.  The cutest thing is I just noticed that you also have a cute little lemon and lime for your favicon!  Que linda!  Thanks for letting me help with the redesign!  =)

  6. Desertdreaming56June 18, 2011 at 8:30 PM

    Love your new look, it's just beautiful!!!!

  7. Love the new look.......bright and refreshing!

  8. yep, I like it too...clean and refreshing. - very nice Leslie

  9. I love the new header, Leslie. Chantilly did an awesome job. She's so creative! What's the soup up in the left-hand corner? Is it some kind of fidello, or menudo?

  10.  Yes, Chantilly did an awesome job!  :)  The soup is "Sopa de Fideo".  You can find the recipe at

  11. It looks amazing, Leslie...I love it! =)



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