Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Zucchini Medley

It seems that almost every one of my recipes is my favorite.  Which they are.  But if you were to ask me which vegetable is my absolute, all-time favorite, I would say Calabacitas (Zucchini).  They're such a versatile veggie.  They can be sweet or savory, steamed, fried, baked and can even be eaten raw.

Last week, a local farmer drove through the neighborhood selling these freshly cut beauties for 8 pesos a kilo.  The hardest part was trying to decide how to prepare my 3 kilos of calabacitas.  I was in a "Comfort Food" state of mind, so I made Gramm's Guisado de Calabacita (Zucchini Medley).  The only way Gramm made zucchini was to saute it with some onion, tomato and yellow corn.   I prepare it the same way for my kiddies, but I like to add serrano chilies and Queso Fresco!  Mmmmmm!

Zucchini Medley


  • 6 to 8 medium zucchini, sliced or chopped
  • 2 medium tomatoes, chopped
  • 1/2 onion, chopped
  • 1 to 2 serrano chilies
  • 1 small can yellow corn
  • Queso Fresco (for Garnish)

In a large skillet, heat 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil over medium heat.   Add the onion and saute for 1 to 2 minutes.

Stir in the remaining ingredients, except the queso fresco.  Season with salt and pepper.  Saute for 3 to 4 minutes, then reduce the heat to low and cover the skillet.  Let simmer until the zucchini is completely cooked. (About 10 minutes.)

Just before serving, garnish with grated Queso Fresco Enjoy!!!

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  1. My mom made this and I started to make this too. We have never tried it with corn. I'll have to try that. We usually put a whole onion and a couple large tomatoes (makes it nice and red). If we have garlic we add that too. Tastes yummy! We eat it over white rice. My kids devour it.

    Juanita (first time poster :) )

  2. Hi Juanita! I think this would be amazing served over white rice. I'm going to have to try it next time. :) Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you will visit again soon.

  3. My mom makes something like this, but she uses ground beef, zucchini, onion and tomato sauce, really good. She also makes Zucchini bread, taste more like cake to me though! We eat a lot of this during the summer, cause she grows so much of it in her garden.

  4. The first time I had zucchini cooked this way my daughters Nina had made it I've been making it ever since! We have found tons of different ways to vary the recipe to make it fit in with just about any meal...fresh basil really gives it a kick in the summer, we also add oregano to it and cook it in a pan on the grill when we cook out.

  5. I'm so jealous!! Its not fair that you have fresh produce like this at your doorstep!!!

  6. ooh, I like your new blog look and header. pretty.

    Those zucchinis are so perfect looking. They'd definitley work their way into a chocolate bundt or peach muffin. mmm!

  7. I love zucchini and this medley looks delicious. I might have to try this recipe very soon! I love that you feature yummy desserts and also ways to make vegetables delicious! :)

  8. My family loved this! Just got done with dinner and this was a hit! The only slight change I made was use olive oil and about 3 Tbls. butter. It was delish! Only wish I had those super fresh zuchinis :(

  9. Yum! I used to make this and add in flor de calabeza and season with chicken boullion seasoning. Great recipe!

  10. Oh, this sounds so good. I love zucchini with tomatoes and onions but the chilies and corn would make such a great addition. Yum. I think I'll be checking out more of your vegetarian recipes :).

  11. This sounds wonderful! My daughter would love this.

  12. I made this and it was yummy. My hubby loves it. We add sour cream or crema mexicana to it.

  13. I just found your blog and love it, I want to move to Mexico someday.



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