Name That Food

In playing Name That Fruit last week, I realized that it has been far too long since we've featured an exotic food here on La Cocina de Leslie.

So this week, I have yet another round of everyone's game, Name That Food, in which I ask you to identify the ingredient pictured below.   I'll give you a hint: it's one of those meats that adventurous and fearless Andrew Zimmern-types would love.

Leave your guesses in the comments and tune in tomorrow to find out if you were right and how we use this ingredient.



  1. on the left, heart or liver

    on the right, intestines

  2. opino lo mismo, higado e intestinos...que es!?

    1. No voy a decir nada hasta mañana. :)

  3. I don't know what any of that is but it looks really

  4. These boys call it pepenas, it's liver and intenstines and it stinks up the whole house!!

  5. I agree, liver and intestines. My dad used to make tripas, ugh. The liver was okay but I don't cook these foods because I know my husband would never eat them. Thank you verrrrrry much but no. Tee hee.:))

  6. Yeah, I'd say tripe and liver... My dog loves tripe. Just another reason why I don't think it's good for human consumption... LOL!!

  7. Liver and pancita... I love pancita but don't care for liver.

  8. Oh my gosh... that looks really eww :D I've never heard of pancita, but after a little digging that would be my guess for the other half too.


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